Fr. Michael Della Penna with the children

Welcome o The Valley Of The Angels

Fr. Michael Della Penna with childrenI WOULD FIRST LIKE TO THANK, all the generous benefactors, past and present, particularly those from the United States and from Guatemala who have supported Valley of the Angels over several decades. You are the noble families and friends who have not only provided financial contributions over the years but have been dedicated in giving a far more precious commodity, your valuable time and invaluable prayer. This investment has garnered great rewards and helped us create a very special sanctuary where thousands of children continue to thrive. Your kind donations have meant so much to these poor little children. Your faithful efforts are helping them have a chance at a better life.


All of your donations allow us to continue Papa Rocco's dream of feeding, housing and educating about 200 poor children annually. In striving "to give the best to the poor" we also use some of your contributions to maintain the grounds and upkeep the buildings that serve to create an environment that affirms their human dignity and lets them know that they are important.


While cash, checks and money orders made out to Valley of the Angels Orphanage (mailing address at the bottom of this page) are always welcome, and help with our monthly electric bill, which exceeds $3000 dollars and our monthly grocery bill, which is around $5000, we also accept other forms of donations. Some benefactors prefer to send goods like clothes and food, which can be picked up and sent through our Canadian Food For Children container. This 40 foot container is sent directly to us from Toronto every couple of months, with shipments of clothing, medicine (especially antibiotics) and nonperishable food items such as: beans, cereal, flower, vegetable oil, pasta, powdered soy milk, powdered eggs, cookies, salt, sugar and more. For further clarification of donation items and any other details, please email our CFFC contact, Frankie Burg-Feret, Director at Silent Children's Mission. Again a heartfelt thanks for giving us the means to reach out to children who are in need. It is only together, that we can continue this mission of love.


Father Michael Della Penna, OFM



The information below will help you to make monetary donations to our orphanage:


  • Account for donations:
    Bank Information
    Banco Internacional, S.A.
    Guatemala, Guatemala, C.A.

    Bank Address
    Banco Internacional, S.A.
    Avenida Reforma 15-85 Zona 10
    Guatemala, Guatemala, C.A.

    Orphanage Address
    Orfanato Valle de los Ángeles / Valley of the Angels Orphanage
    55 Calle 26-34 Zona 24, Finca El Pulté, Guatemala, C.A.


  • Beneficiary:
    Account No. 1500099759
    Name: Valle de los Ángeles


  • Guatemalan Mailing Address: P.O.Box 522, Puerta Parada, 01073, Guatemala, C.A.
  • International Mailing Address: PO Box 522505, 8305 North West 27th Street, Ste. 113, Miami, FL 33152